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Why Every Woman Should Invest in a Power Suit

Fashion has the power to make you feel some type of way—it can actually give you confidence. Think about your favorite outfit. I’m sure you feel great each and every time you put it on! I believe every woman should feel good about what she chooses to wear. We should feel empowered each and everyday and what we wear has a major play in that. Let me be clear, it doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank and buy the most expensive clothes or designer labels. I purchased this suit from JC Penney for a little less than $70. Yes, a GREAT deal!! The moment I put it on I felt completely confident and the aura around me completely lit up! I want you to feel that way too. Listed below are two reasons why I believe every woman should invest in a POWER SUIT:

  1. The suit look will make you feel like a damn BOSS (even if you’re not). Like I said, I felt amazing when I rocked this suit.
  2. A power suit is always appropriate for female entrepreneurs and women that work in an office setting.

Suit: Worthington @ JCPenney| Pumps: BCBG

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