wrinklesMany women dread that small line on their forehead or fine lines around eyes. Aging graciously is not so graceful, working women who need to keep up their appearance struggle hard to battle with the first signs of aging.

An in-depth research on scientific beauty published on Scientific American states that America’s beauty product consumers spend a whopping $1.6 billion to purchase anti-aging products.

As we grow old, our skin cells regenerate at a slow pace and produce less quantity of collagen. Any external factors such as continued exposure to sun or pollution can increase free radicals that may harm skin cells’ DNA. But thankfully there are some useful tips that can help a busy woman to prevent wrinkles without going under the knife.

  1.  Avoid sleep lines

Debra Jaliman, Dermatologist, New York says that the way people sleep affects wrinkles.  Sleeping on sides and face down can cause sleep lines over a period. She advise women to

  • Sleep on their back.
  • Use a “U” shaped pillow around the neck to prevent sleeping on the sides.
  • If women find it difficult of sleep on their back, they can always use a satin pillow case. The smooth surface on satin helps to prevent sleep lines.
  1. Go fish!

An investigation by Yamakoshi et al. about nutrition’s effect on skin showed that oral fish polysaccharide of 3X250 mg per day along with antioxidant mix for eight weeks improved the thickness of the dermal layer. Oral intake of fish for two months also showed a remarkable improvement in wrinkle, color, and viscoelasticity

Fish especially, Salmon and Sardine is considered as a good source of protein and omega three fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins are very vital for a smooth, radiant and youthful skin devoid of wrinkles.

  1. Treat the skin with AHA’s

A study conducted by Wakayama Medical University School of Medicine, Wakayama, Japan showed that upper dermis treated with glycolic acid and lactic acid stimulates the skin to produce an increased amount of collagen I and procollagen I. According to the data of the research, glycolic acid, and lactic acid, when treated for longer intervals can improve epidermal and dermal components of the skin.

  • AHA’s are also called as Alpha-hydroxy Acids. They are chemical compounds that are found in fruits, milk, etc.
  • Most common form of AHA’s used in cosmetics are glycolic acid and lactic acid.
  • Though AHA’s increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, the effects can be efficiently treated with a good sunscreen
  • AHA’s are incorporated in many creams, serums and beauty balms. Cosmetics that are named as anti-aging products contain AHA’s in high amount.
  1. Skincare routine

Experts advise women to practice a good skin care routine regularly to prevent wrinkles and skin damage. Working women may be under the time crunch but with little commitment and dedication they can follow a simple skin care routine that will work miracles in the long run.

  • Exfoliate-Exfoliation not only removes dead skin cells, but it also promotes cell growth.
  • Moisturize- Any good quality moisturizer can be used to keep your facial skin hydrated.
  • Sunscreen- Experts swear by the regular use of sunscreen. Sunscreen with SPF 30 or more will prevent wrinkles.
  • Anti-wrinkle creams- Stemuderm anti-wrinkle cream is one of the cream which is are designed to lift the sagging skin and fill the fine lines to restore the youthful appearance of skin.
  • Serums-Serums are concentrated essence of active ingredients that can be used alone or along with other creams.
  1. Facial stretches

For toned facial muscles, certain facial stretches are advised. Regular practice of facial stretches is shown a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Women need a minimum of 20 minutes of facial exercise for six days a week. Some of the well-known facial stretches are:

  • Do a “v”- Under-eye wrinkles and fine lines around eyes gives an aged look to the face. In the “v” stretch, middle fingers from both the hands are placed between the eyebrows and index fingers are used to exert gentle pressure on the outer corner of the eyes. While this position is held, eyelids are rolled up to form a squint. Repeat the “v” stretch for six times and relax.
  • Smooth laugh line: pout the lips over teeth and make an “o” shape with your mouth. Try to smile as wide as you can. Repeat the laugh line smoothening exercise 8 times and relax.
  • Giraffe- The skin on the neck is pulled back while placing the fingertips on it. The “Giraffe” is repeated twice.


 Working women face the stress and pressure both at home and work front. Working women run short of time due to the added responsibilities of home along with work. However, even in their busy schedules, working women can follow simple tips that are not time-consuming to fight the wrinkles.

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