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Tips for Buying Women’s Suits

Everyone wants to appear professional yet stylish but finding the right suit may be quite frustrating for some women. Another important factor is the comfort. Not all women suits are comfortable. They might not fit well or fail to live up to your taste. If you work in a corporate setting, suits are probably a part of your wardrobe. Therefore, it’s  essential that you invest in  suits that that are comfortable, aligned with your style, budget and body shape.


Here are some tips that will help to find the perfect suit.

Body Type

Not all styles look good on every body type. Wearing a suit that does not compliment your  body type can make you look unprofessional and make it hang from the body. For a polished look, select a suit that best fit your shape.



Petite women should consider wearing a short blazer. The length should stop just above the hips. A woman with wider hips can easily style a flare bottom to even out all the proportions of her body.  Taller women should choose a suit with a long blazer.

Subtle patterns

Solid colors have subtle patterns that do not scream ‘unprofessional’. It would not distract the overall appearance of your suit towards the pattern. The patterns must be subtle enough to look almost like a solid color. In other words, they should not become evident when observed from a distance.



If you are buying suits with patterns, make sure that the patterns are perfectly aligned along the seams. They should match on either side of the seams. Check the lapels of the suit to ensure the symmetry of patterns on them.

Fabric and lining

Shiny suits with polyester devalues the professional appearance of the suit. Fabric blends such as lightweight wool is an excellent choice for fabric. Go for suits with silk linings and always check the lining before purchasing.


Spend within a budget

There is no need to purchase an overpriced business suit. Buy suits that that are within your budget. A number of business suits for women are available at a reasonable price and are designed for the corporate work environment.

Do  consider all the important factors such as the occasion for each suit and the number of suits you need. For everyday business suits, you can buy a few low priced suits.

To save more money, you can buy separate pieces to mix them with other pieces. This will help you build a capsule wardrobe.


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