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Style Guide: Trench Coat Inspiration

Black, beige, fitted, loose, crumpled or not, over time the Trench Coat has been all that and so much more, while remaining a staple. With autumn in full swing and the weather turning to its inconsistencies: warm, cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and sunshine (sometimes all in one day), we’re left in a tiny fashion predicament: What to Wear? And look good? The Trench Coat! Duh!

The Trench Coat is literally the best fashion invention and mixture of trendy & comfy – this Audrey Hepburn’ish piece will forever be a go-to transition coat and every woman should own one.

The Trench Coat is stylishly simple and there are so many styles these days, that if we should want to get one, we are faced with one question: What Style Trench Coat Should I Buy? If you’ve already got a classic one, then just go for a more statement piece: leather, lace, colored, shorter, flared, printed. If, however you’re buying your first Trench Coat I think a classic style in black or beige is definitely the answer.

Here are some visual stylish tips and outfit ideas:







Celebrity Trench Coat Style Inspiration

Naomi Campbell is wearing a stylish short flared black trench coat with cat sunglasses. Street Style!


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