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Skin Care Treatments You Can Get During Your Lunch Hour

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Most of us would prefer to have our beauty treatments while spending all day in a luxury spa, most modern women simply don’t have the time. With emails to check, meetings to attend and children that need picking up from school, your face can easily end up being neglected. However, there are a number of beauty and skin care treatments out there that you can have on your lunch break and be back at your desk before anyone even notices you’ve gone. And the best part is, no one will even be able to notice.

Laser Hair Removal

Going to your local salon to get a wax can be both time consuming and end up costing you a small fortune in the long run. Laser hair removal is both quick and effective, not to mention you will have permanent hair loss once you have completed your sessions. Treatments can last less than 30 minutes and are carried out around 6 weeks apart, making it the perfect option for those with a busy lifestyle.

Dermal Fillers

If the stress of life is making you age far more quickly than you would like, dermal fillers can give your face an instant lift. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular as it can address a number of complaints, including a loss of volume, the appearance of folds, lines and wrinkles. The results of dermal fillers are immediate and you will only need the treatment once every six to twelve months.


Sometimes, even an amazing skin care routine can’t stop you from having breakouts, dry skin skin and dullness. Microdermabrasion is the perfect way to rejuvenate your face, giving you instantly healthy skin. Crystals are passed over the skin to take away any dead layers, revealing the healthy and bright layers underneath. This quick and painless treatment will leave you glowing, with zero down time, so you can pop your make up back on and get straight back to work.

Chemical Skin Peel

Skin Peels have had a bad name in the past, as they previously used harsh chemicals that would require downtime afterwards. Advancements in the products used now means that most chemical peels now have no downtime at all, making them perfect for those who don’t have the time to wait for their skin to recover. There are now chemical peels that are much more gentle, yet still effective, penetrating the skin to remove dead cells. Chemical peels can help with everything from uneven pigmentation, through to acne and acne scarring.

Beauty doesn’t have to be time consuming! Aesthetic skin care is becoming more and more accessible, allowing women to maintain their appearance, without having to sacrifice their time.

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