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How To Prevent Skin Damage In Your 20s

SkinDamageGrowing older should not mean that your skin should follow suit. If you cannot find a way to slow down the aging of your skin, here are few tips that you can use to stop your skin from aging prematurely.  These insights will enable you to conceal the signs for a night out or even the late nights with your friends. Most times people mistake those in their 20s for being in their mid-30s just because of their skin. Restoring your skin to its youthful state is possible.

Remove makeup

If you regularly fail to remove the makeup when you are going to sleep, then you should begin. The makeup that remains on our face usually leads to the production of zits. The cosmetics also used tend to trap the free radicals in the air. These end up damaging the skin. They begin resulting in the formation of dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles. The use of origins check can assist to get rid of the makeup.

In case you feel that you are too tired to remove your makeup, and then you can use face wipes. Even the laziest person can be able to use them. Consider using cleansing towelettes such as the Neutrogena make up that act as a remover. It is also important to wipe the screen of your phone. The bacteria on the phone can stress you out.

Use facial masks

Facial masks help to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles. You can also use cleansing brushes that are for exfoliating. An example is the Foreo Luna. The facial masks assist in removing the dead skin on our face. The dead skin causes the skin to assume a dull complexion.  The advantage with Foreo Luna is that it has silicone.  It is also easy to clean it.  However, it should only be used once every day.

Keep your eyes radiant

It is wise to learn from the mistake that others consistently make. You should always use an eye cream every day. It will help to reduce the dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles. A very thin skin surrounds the eyes. Upon exposure to the sun’s UV rays, this can lead to wrinkles. Avoid eye creams that use SPF. Use the eye cream that helps in fighting against aging such as Clinique Superdefense that employs the SPF 20. The advantage of it is that it does not interfere with your make up.  It is also light in nature. In instances where you may have sensitive eyes, it cannot irritate them.

Use glycolic acid

During those times that your skin may be far from being repaired with a moisturizer due to its dull nature, employ glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid helps to revive the skin. It is attributed to their ability to act as exfoliators. It can penetrate much deeper than the moisturizers. You can also use the retexturizing peel referred to as Avon Anew. It is reliable as it was rewarded for being the best in beauty in the allure awards. Your skin will achieve its lost radiance after application of peel. It should follow a moisturizer. It is attributed to the fact that penetration is easy in exfoliated skin by the ingredients of hydration.

Use good moisturizer

Most moisturizers tend to remove water vapor from the air and apply them to the skin.  They include ingredients like the hyaluronic acid that assist with it.  These should be used especially when the skin is a little damp.  You can also use the face cream referred to as fresh lotus. It normally has the fragrance of cucumber. It also helps to moisturize the skin immediately it is applied. It is also light weight.

Watch your diet

The kind of diet that gets in your body should receive special attention. It could result in impurities in the skin when a wrong diet is used. It is important to ensure that the right nutrients are taken. It will help to ensure that the skin maintains its glow and avoid dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles. Proteins, vegetables, and whole grain should be used as they contain the necessary vitamins to ensure that the skin remains youthful. However, processed foods should never be taken. Fruits can also work magic on the skin, and these should be taken on a regular basis with emphasis on the fruits offering Vitamin C.

Detoxification routines

The accumulated toxins in the body usually tend to get out of the body. They result to pimples on the face. These should be eliminated. Detoxification enables the body to cleanse itself. Use of lemon is recommended as they act as detoxifiers.


It is important as you grow older to make consistently it a habit to drink plenty of water. It is a simple technique that can retain your youthful skin. We should always be dedicated to maintaining the health of our skin. We should always take note of the different weather patterns by applying the proper sunscreen during sunlight and moisturizers during the winter. It will help to reduce the wrinkles that prematurely wreck our skin.


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