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Last Minute Fashion Tips for Diner en Blanc: For First Time Female Attendee

Dîner en Blanc, the secret dinner in white is here! Have you received your Phase 1 invitation and completed the registration process? I have! Hopefully you’re busy dreaming about the big event – but if you’re a bit confused about the topic in general, don’t worry! I’m here to explain all about Dîner en Blanc and share a little fashion inspiration.

What is Le Dîner en Blanc?

Le Dîner en Blanc is an exclusive all-white pop-up posh picnic that made its debut in Paris, France in 1988. The festivities spread quickly and today it is a world-wide event spanning six continents. To be invited, you MUST have the plug. If you’re not connected with a group or table leader, you’ll find yourself on a waiting list—you may make the cut or you may not. It’s truly a FAB and elegant event!

I had my first experience last year when I attended Dîner en Blanc Orlando and it was EVERYTHING. So, allow me to share fashion and style tips that will help you dazzle in the crowd!

What to Wear?

The rule is simple: wear all white. I don’t mean “off-white”—I mean pure bright white from your head to your toes (uninterrupted white). This could limit your choices more than you think as very few people actually have an elegant outfit that is entirely white. Start checking your closet today and think about how you can create something beautiful and chic from the choices at your disposal.

If you’re wearing accessories, note that metallic accessories and accents are acceptable – this means things like gold and silver.

On another note, don’t underestimate how expensive Dîner en Blanc can be—it can be expensive! In addition to the registration fee and white outfit, you’ll also need to supply your table, decor, seating, and food. The only thing you can not bring is alcohol. All liquor (e.g., wine) must be purchased online via the registration website and you may have the option to purchase liquor at the event. Plan ahead and opt for a light meal – you’ll be too busy having a great time to worry too much about the food, anyway.

Ladies, you may have to do a lot of walking.  Therefore, it might be a good idea to bring along an extra pair of comfortable white shoes (e.g., white flip flops/flats) until you make your way to the secret location and your table set-up area.

Need fashion tips? For the deets, click on each image below.















Most Well Attended Dîner en Blanc in USA






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New Orleans





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