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How Women in Business Are Powering Tomorrow

WOB-Infographic-328x1024Using data from a 2012 “State of Women-Owned Businesses” report, American Express OPEN illustrated how women in business are Powering Tomorrow in this tough economic climate through an infogrpahic series. The images highlight key findings in the report in an effort to “ignite pride and conversation within the community,” writes Allison Silver, Vice President of Brand, Advertising & Advocacy for American Express OPEN.

The report shows that women-owned businesses have experienced a massive surge in growth over the last 15 years– “1.5 times greater than their other business counterparts,” they report.

While women are rapidly creating new businesses, the report finds that some are experiencing growing pains around a certain employee and revenue count, specifically the 5-to-9 employee and $250,000-to-$499,999 levels. “From 1997 to 2002 and from 2007 to 2012, the overall growth rates of women-owned businesses dip at these employee and revenue points. In addition, even though 29 percent of businesses are women-owned, overall those businesses contribute only 4 percent to revenue and 6 percent to employment in the U.S. So while there is much success and progress to be proud of, there is still more we can all do to support today’s women business owners.”

Along with sharing new infographics during the 4 week-long series, Amex OPEN spotlighted stories of notable women in business and published articles covering growth, economic impact and challenges to celebrate and encourage women in the small-business world.

For more information on the “Celebrating Women Business Owners” series by American Express OPEN, read on for more details here.


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