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How to Wear Makeup at Work

HowtoWearMakeupatWorkMakeup is often termed as a woman’s best friend. Most women can’t deny the importance of good makeup in their life but there a number of them that do not favor wearing makeup to the workplace. If you are one of those women who think that wearing makeup at work is not acceptable, think again. Wearing appropriate and well defined makeup is as much acceptable as wearing right outfit and shoes for work as it tends to put up a good impression on people you meet and work with.

Wearing makeup to work is always a good idea provided you know how to use this wonderful tool of beautification. Although there is no written policy that define the do’s and don’ts of wearing makeup for work, you should figure out what amount and kind of makeup would work for you. In case you are confused about determining the upper and lower limits of makeup for work, take a look at these amazing makeup tips and tricks that would surely enhance your beauty and personality without undermining your professional credibility.


Since your eyes are the most important feature of your face, they require special attention as far as makeup is concerned. Highlight those pretty eyes using a kohl or eyeliner as per your preference but do remember to keep the line thin as a broad liner or kohl would tend to attract unnecessary attention from people at work. Avoid applying eye-shadow but do consider mascara application as they would enhance your eyes. Don’t forget to hide those dark circles under your eyes by using a light concealer.

Base is important

Your face is something that has a lasting. A number of ladies tend to cake-up their faces by using foundations to even out their skin tone which is a big no-no especially in the workplace. Use a light-water based concealer in case you have dark spots on face and spread it evenly to avoid any cake-ups. Use a bronzer or blusher suiting your skin tone and highlight your cheek bones using a makeup brush. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before applying make-up.


Moisturize your lips and apply a nude lip balm in case you aren’t a big fan of hues. However, if lips colors interest you, try using neutral and subtle shades and avoid those brighter hues.

Most importantly, keep your work makeup routine simple and classy!


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