It’s no secret that I love a good romper!  So, when it comes to fall and winter months in the “Dirty South”, I’m all about continuing the trend as long as I can.  Today’s look has inspired me to share my tips and tricks on how to wear rompers in the fall and winter months.

  1. Stick to warm and dark hues.  Today’s combination includes navy and white, two of my favorites this time of year!
  2. Layer with a denim jacket or a casual blazer. I decided to combine my look with denim! In the South, temperature is the #1 deciding factor when considering whether to add a jacket (even during fall and winter months). A jacket helps to add warmth and texture, while still being chic. In my case, it was hella’ HOT today but I wanted to illustrate this stylish look when paired with a jacket.
  3. Opt for peep-toe boots (booties)!  Rompers can look OH-SO-CUTE when styled with booties and can also transform your look from casual (with denim jacket) to dressy (with blazer).

For the ladies that work in an office setting, this look can prove to be perfect for “Casual Friday!”

Happy Fall Y’all! 🙂