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How to Pick the Right Face Powder Shade

An essential makeup product that you will find in every woman’s bag is face powdFacePowderBStyle9to5er. I’m sure you can imagine how useful it is to women. Despite this, selecting the right shade of face powder can be challenging for some women. So here are some guidelines on choosing the right shade of face powder that suits your complexion:

The color of your face powder should be the same color of your foundation which match your skin tone. In your quest for the right shade of face powder, you will find a variety of colors. To test them, stand by a window where you have adequate sunshine and check if these colors blend with your skin.

How to match face powder to your complexion:

If you’re light/ fair-skinned try a clear translucent powder shade or perhaps an extremely light pink shade of powder. If your complexion has a pink undertone, you’d look good with yellow-based powder. If you find this difficult to go with, go neutral with an apricot-based powder.

If you’re an almond complexion it’s nice to try a tan or nutmeg color. If you’re a fair complexion, you might develop a medium skin tone in summer, so use a lighter face powder with appropriate color that blends in with your tan. This shade of powder adds enough color to fill the skin with a glowing and healthy look while simultaneously being subtle. Alternatively, go in for a copper undertone.

If you’re dark-skinned try a sandalwood color powder. For a summer shade, try a bronze or deep brown shade.

If you have problem skin face powder with a greenish hue will reduce the redness in your face.

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