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How to Master the Phone and Skype Interview

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You received an email or phone call requesting for an interview. Unfortunately, you will not meet with the interviewer face-to-face. Instead, they will conduct a Skype or phone interview.  Here are a few tips to assist you:

1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Whether it is the phone or the Skype interview your communication skills should be absolutely perfect. You have to keep control of your pitch so that it remains balanced and clearly audible to the interviewer. Your communication skills will serve as the medium with which you can use to make a good first impression.

2. TECHNOLOGY: Make sure that you do not have any internet connection issues. Your phone, tablet, laptop should be charged fully and if you are connecting to the video through a desktop then there should be appropriate power backup so that if in case electricity runs out then your interview won’t  be disrupted. During the phone interview make sure that you disable your call waiting option as it can distract you. For the duration of your Skype interview, your phone should either be switched off or on silent mode with the vibration option turned off.

3. MOCK INTERVIEW: Schedule a mock interview with your colleague, friend, or relative at least once before the actual interview. Record this interview and ask for feedback from your virtual interviewer. It will help you in working on your negative points such as shaky voice, movement of hands etc. Try to make it as close to a real interview as possible.

4. LOCATION: It is not pleasing to the interviewer if you have to constantly ask him/her to repeat a question. Therefore, avoid all such places that have the potential to cause a distraction. The ideal scenario would be a secluded room away from all the worldly noises. No noisy printers, streets, pets, etc. Just close the door and windows and get rid of anything that can make even a little noise.

5. NOTES: If there are some points which you have noted or typed then it is wise to have them handy during the interview. Reading from the screen while attending a phone call may be okay but staring at your notes during a Skype interview would leave a bad impression.

Ultimately, you should be prepared and only refer to the notes that you deem to be critical.

As a final point, you should look directly into the webcam while video interviewing so that it’s an eye to eye talk. There should be appropriate lightening in the room to make the interviewer see you and your movements properly. Your voice should be clear and your body language and confidence should be reflected in your voice.  So prepare and nail it!

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