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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Have you heard of the latest trend? A capsule wardrobe is a new take on the old idea that sometimes we have a few too many things in our wardrobe. If you’ve ever looked at your closet and found yourself less-than-thrilled with your choices despite having many items of clothing, this might make complete sense to you. The idea of a women’s capsule wardrobe is to avoid those moments of indecision and make finding the perfect outfit simple. Let’s take a look at how to build a capsule wardrobe for women!

How to Start

The first thing you should do is critically assess your current wardrobe. Take everything in your closet – and I mean everything, including shoes and accessories like scarves or handbags – and put them on your bed. Organize these into categories like “button-down shirts” and “necklaces”. Once you have the piles ready, look at the items in each category. Take this slow and go group by group. Do you love everything in each group? Would you hesitate to wear any of those items to leave the house today?

Discard the Waste

Chances are good that you’re going to run into pieces you know don’t fit your style or your body any longer. Those items can go in a ‘donate’ pile if they’re in good shape or a ‘trash’ pile if they aren’t. Of the remaining items, which do you adore and love to wear? Be honest with yourself! When is the last time you wore them? Whittle the remaining items down to pieces you truly can’t live without.

The goal is to create a “capsule” of clothes for each season that consists of 33 items – including accessories and shoes – or less. You’ll want to include staples for different occasions like work, parties, dinners out with friends, etc. The items that don’t make the cut can either be donated or simply put away elsewhere to be revisited when the next season rolls around.

And that’s how to create a capsule wardrobe! Be honest with yourself about what you love and what you don’t and start sorting!

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