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Hair Growth Secret: NeoCell Biotin Burts

What Advice Can I Offer You About Using NeoCell Biotin Bursts?

biotin-burst-acai-30-chews-by-neocell.jpgI sampled Biotin Bursts for about 30 days, I took the 10,000 MCG soft chew daily and did consult my doctor beforehand, which I strongly recommend you do too should you decide to take Biotin. The older I become the more sensible and health conscious I am (no really) so it is only fair that I let you know that you really do have to keep hydrated with Biotin otherwise it can create blemish prone skin. Personally it helped me increase my water intake and had the opposite effect on my skin – more water has equated in better skin for me. My hair growth, has grown about 1.5 inches. I thought that was pretty good for a 30 day trial. The Biotin Bursts has also worked wonders for my nails. Although, I wear a set of “falsies”, I can see the growth underneath.  All in all, the Biotin Burst is worth a try. I especially like the taste and was very happy when I learned that there were no artificial sweeteners.

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