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Expo & Conference Attire: What You Need to Know

Your expo and conference attire is a direct reflection of your overall brand image. As such, expressing your individual style and personality needs to be balanced with appropriate business attire, practical pieces and comfortable clothing. Keep in mind that a person’s business attire does make an impact on how others’ perceive their level of skill and expertise in a certain field.

An ill-dressed expert can lose opportunities to a well-put-together novice simply based on appearance.

So, what should the ladies wear?

  • A conservative dress, full suits, and/or a blazer with a matching skirt or pants;
  • A uniform look: Polo shirt/collared shirt and/or T-shirt with business logo paired with casual pants (khakis). If you opt for your company logo t-shirt, I highly recommend wearing a blazer;
  • Shoes—this can be tricky and often depends on the weather. If you are conservatively dressed, closed toe pumps would be ideal. If you go for a more business casual look, just ensure that the shoes are comfortable (no gym shoes).
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